Whatever you're saving for, opening an account with Dragonsavers is the first step to reaching your savings goal!

Members all save together - so you'll be in good company.

The minimum deposit each time you save is just £1 and you need to keep at least £2 in your account to keep it open.  You can save in cash at a collection point, by standing order through your bank, by direct deposit of any benefits or through payroll deduction if this is supported by your employer.

Enjoy free life insurance on the first £5000 of your savings.

All savings accounts are instant access and the minimum withdrawal is £10.  Members can apply for withdrawals online through the Members Area.

Members are encouraged to take a loan secured against their savings rather than withdraw them. Interest rates are low for secure loans and you keep your insurance benefit.


Anyone over 18 who lives or works anywhere in Wales, or lives in the same house as an existing member can apply for Dragonsavers Credit Union membership.  You will need a copy of an official document with your current address dated in the last three months, and a copy of photo ID with your membership application.  Accounts are free to open. The annual subscription of £2 is debited every October.

A dividend is paid to all regularly saving members (or a minimum of at least once every six months) after the Annual General Meeting.  Members attending the Annual General Meeting vote on the level of dividend for the previous year.

Join  & Save

Junior deposit accounts are available if you are under 18.  Junior deposit accounts are free to open and there is no annual subscription.  Interest is paid annually on the 30th of September. 

Community accounts are available for Businesses, Project Groups, Trusts, Clubs, Societies, Associations and Charities.  Community membership.  The annual subscription of £2 is debited every October. 

Contact us for more information or for a junior or community application form